A Martial Art for Everyone

At Defiance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we believe that jiu jitsu is not a black and white art but a spectrum of colors. This reflects the many different kinds of people who train in and benefit from the art. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is specifically designed to accommodate a wide array of body types and learning styles.

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Personal Growth

Individual Expression

Every practitioner of jiu jitsu discovers their own style and the techniques that work best for them. As with chess there are a vast amount of moves and counters within the art. This creates a training system that accommodates students of different backgrounds, shapes, sizes, strengths, and athletic abilities.

No Limits

Our Commitment

We at Defiance Jiu Jitsu will provide instruction and support to meet the needs of all students and offer them techniques that lead to success in the art. Our format will allow our students to explore the possibilities of what this martial art offers. We will not limit the growth of our practitioners based on a narrow view of the art, but guide them in their own journey of discovery of what jiu jitsu means to them and how it can positively impact their lives.

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