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Come into the academy, sign your waiver and try a class. The first class is always free. This allows you to determine if the training atmosphere and instruction is the right fit before making further commitments. There are a variety payment options designed to fit individual training needs for our students. Pricing and payment options are discussed in person upon completion of the free introductory class.

For adults there are 5 belts; White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black. Each rank has up to 4 stripes (degrees) before a promotion to the next belt level.

Our classes are open to all skill levels, beginner through advanced. If it's your first day or if you've been in the game for years, all abilities are welcome.

This also varies from person to person. Generally, it takes upwards of 7-12 years if the student trains consistently during the whole-time period, however, it's completely subjective to the individual. There have been exceptionally skilled individuals who have received their Black Belt in 2-3 years, but this is an exception to the model.

Yes! The art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is for everyone. We can work around any limitations that you may have, as long as you make the instructors aware of any exercises, drills, or techniques that are causing pain or discomfort.

No, there is no belt rank test and we do not charge belt rank testing fees.

Students promotions are based upon the head coach's assessment of their skills. This includes but not limited to; consistency of training, ability to retain techniques learned, ability to apply techniques during live sparring, etc. The ranking process in BJJ can be very subjective. Students are not promoted to a given belt level until they possess the skills that someone of that level should possess. In other words, you will have earned your rank. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not the right art for you if you are looking to receive a new promotion every few months.

This varies from student to student. Generally, it takes anywhere from 1-2 years, but there have been exceptions depending on the student's prior training and natural abilities.

No, many people in the BJJ community are over 40. As long as you make sure to work within your own abilities and give yourself time to recover you will do great! Remember, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is based on technique and leverage, not athleticism or youth.

We serve University Place, Tacoma, Fircrest, Fife, Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Dupont and surrounding areas.

Code of Conduct

Expectations for our team members is all about health, cleanliness and respect.

Mat Etiquette

Be mindful of your team members and show them the appreciations and consideration everyone deserves.

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